Help to Make it Happen: Join the Site Crew!


Our intent as crew is to build a physical and energetic structure in which to hold camp. Some people liken this to temple building. In other words, we provide a clear and clean energetic space in which to do workshops, rituals and magic.

As a crew member you must have a willingness to learn new skills, be willing to pull your weight, and work as part of a team under the direction of the site manager.

Before the day starts, we ask for blessings and protection, to start the day in a sacred manner. This is followed by a morning meeting to discuss the days plans.

How to be a Crew Member
If you Intend to Crew
Crew Mum and Crew
What to bring
Drugs and Alcohol
Crew Members and Booking Camp
How to Claim your Free Days
White Horse Camps Expenses Policy

How to be a crew member
Contact the Site Lead or Site Manager. A call out for crew will go out via email or the Facebook page. Crew places are allocated on a “first come first served” basis. If crew places are all taken, a reserve list will be drawn up.

Speaking to one of the site managers about your intent to crew is not the same as confirming your dates. Once you know you would like to crew, please confirm with the site manager the dates that you can work. Your name will go onto the list.

It is essential that the crew are available for work the morning of the first day they said they would crew. Crew arrive on the first day of tat up around 12 noon. If it is during the week, please arrive the night before so you are on site in the morning.

Also let the crew site manager or crew mum know, well in advance, if you have any particular dietary requirements.

Crew Mum and Crew
Anyone, regardless of sex or gender can take this role; it’s just a convenient nickname. Crew Mum’s role is to be timekeeper, to provide meals and snacks, and also to support the well-being of crew members. Mealtimes and tea breaks are scheduled so that people do not get hungry or work too long without a break. We have found that this system works well.

What to bring
Appropriate clothing and footwear for the time of year, eg waterproofs, wellies, sun hat and sun cream.

Bring a tent if you will be at the beginning of tat up or at the end of tat down.

Bring a watch, clock or mobile phone (with a car charger so you can refresh batteries) so that you can wake yourself up on time in the morning. (NB crew mum/site manager will no longer be waking crew up).

Drugs and alcohol
To respect the wishes of the landowner and comply with the law of this country, the use of drugs is not permitted on camp or while crewing.

For safety reasons, and because drinking of alcohol has on occasions affected the ability of crew members to wake up and crew effectively, the drinking of alcohol is not allowed during crewing.

Crew Members and Booking Camp
It is essential to book in to camp, even though you are crewing, the same as everyone else. We need this in order to know food allocation. Crew members get a day’s free camp for every day they crew (7 hours crewing per day). The site manager keeps a tally of days worked on the field and passes the information to the finance lead. Tat up or tat down on their own will not cover the whole camp, so you need to make arrangements to cover the shortfall in days. This is especially true for tat down, which is sometimes only 5 days long. If you crew more days than the camp length, your extra days will be “banked” by the bookings trustee and a record will be kept of them.

How to Claim your Free Days
Traditionally, site crew have booked onto a camp and offered their services in return for “earned” or “free” days. In an effort to reduce the admin time spent on bookings (also done by a volunteer!) The online booking function has been set up to give campers a new booking experience! “Earned days” are still a very much available and essential feature. With online bookings we have carefully considered ways to retain as much flexibility as before; however you must come forward and pledge your commitment to volunteer, including the amount of time you are willing to contribute, at the point of booking.  Everyone’s contribution is valued equally, for example; a shift in the kitchen is equal to a coupon, a shift building a compost loo is equally worth a coupon. You must hold a conversation with bookings about your intention to make a pledge of work. Bookings will acknowledge your work pledge and award a “coupon code”.

When you make your booking simply fill in the booking form and enter the coupon code that you have been given. Depending on your pledge, your commitment will either reduce the cost of camp, or allow you to pass through the paywall immediately.  There is a limited amount of shifts available depending on the needs of the particular camp and once those shifts are filled by willing volunteers no more coupons will be available. Unspent coupons may be reassigned to future camps in some circumstances at the discretion of the leads group.

White Horse Camps Expenses Policy

All White Horse Camps expenditure must be planned costs as part of the Leads’ normal budgeting cycle. Budgets must be approved by the Finance Lead prior to costs being incurred and prior to each camp happening. White Horse Camps do not pay travel expenses for volunteers. All volunteers pay their own travel expenses to get to and from each camp. Co-ordinators meetings are usually held over the internet on Skype or some other voice-over-internet protocol. White Horse Camps do not pay for internet services as part of the camps organisation. Volunteers contribute internet service costs as part of their service to camps. White Horse Camps do not pay for any travel costs to and from a place where a leads meeting happens. White Horse Camps do not pay travel costs to or from a place where a coordinators meeting happens. Occasionally the Finance Lead may consider requests for travel expenses to meetings or camps prior to the expense being incurred. The Kitchen Lead or Co-ordinator must approve additional food expenditure before any costs are incurred and not exceed £50 in any single transaction. The White Horse Camps Land Project is considered an executive agency of White Horse Camps. The Land Project Lead must agree travel expenses with the Finance Lead before any costs are incurred. No guarantee can be made to pay travel costs incurred as part of the land project feasibility study without prior agreement from the Finance Lead.


The link to get involved behind the scenes is here….

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