How Camps Happen

When you first come to camp, you may not realise how much work goes into making these magical events possible. Many volunteers give freely of their time and energy all through the year.

Camp Members are really the people who make the camps happen. By getting involved and participating fully, you become part of the community and learn what it means to stand in peace and love, heart to heart and hand in hand. We all have gifts and skills to offer, and it’s this that makes our camps special.

Organisational Structure & Processes
There are 5 main areas which together enable camps to function.  These are Events, Finance, Site, Kitchen and Well-being.  Each area has a Lead who is responsible for overseeing that area between and often during camps.  Co-ordinators & Crew organise and run specific camps. This structure incorporates the experience and ideas of many people who have attended and helped organise camps over the years.  Some roles get reimbursement through discounts on ticket-prices due to the work involved.

The Events Lead has the overall responsibility for Events for White Horse Camps.  The Events Lead has an overview on the themes of camps through the year.  The Events Lead finds people to take on the role of Events Co-ordinators for specific camps and supports them in developing a programme of camp events.

The Finance Lead has overall responsibility for financial and legal requirements for White Horse Camps.  They support the Camps Bookings Administrator who deals with advertising and bookings for camps.  The Finance Lead also supports the Gate Co-ordinator for specific camps.  The Gate Co-ordinator welcomes people to assist them when arriving at the camp, particularly people who are new to the camps.

White Horse Camps Expenses Policy

The Site Lead has the overall responsibility for site & tat for White Horse Camps.  The Site Lead arranges venues, site managers and crew between camps.  The Site Lead has an overview of tat maintenance requirements and health and safety requirements for camps.  The Site Lead supports the Site Manager who oversee tat-up and tat-down in conjunction with the Crew Mum who prepares meals for Site Crew and oversees Site Crew welfare.  The Site Manager is responsible for overseeing health & safety during camps, including ensuring Site Crew have appropriate training as needed.  The Site Crew assist with tat-up and tat-down and site issues during camps under the direction of the Site Manager, with assistance from campcraft volunteers.

The Kitchen Lead has the overall responsibility for catering for White Horse Camps.  The Kitchen Lead plans the menus and orders food for each camp within the budget agreed with the Finance Lead.  The Kitchen Lead finds people to take on the role of Kitchen Co-ordinators and Kitchen Crew for each camp.  The Kitchen Co-ordinator(s) for each camp oversee the running of the kitchen during the camp including assisting with setting up and tatting down the kitchen, changing crew rotas when needed and ensuring Kitchen Crew are aware of their responsibilities for food safety.  Kitchen Crew  are responsible for preparing all meals during camps, with assistance from campcraft volunteers.

The Well-being Lead has the overall responsibility for overseeing the well-being of White Horse Camps.  This includes spiritual and emotional well-being. The Well-being Lead represents the Camps Elders and Well-being Co-ordinators in the Leads group.  The Well-being Lead supports Well-being Co-ordinators who oversea First-Aid training. Well-being Co-ordinators also support healers offering healing on a voluntary basis during camps. The Camps Elders provide guidance and support to the Camps Community when needed. NB Well-being & the Elders are not there to sort out everyone’s personal problems, people attending camps are responsible for their own well-being, this includes taking responsibility for resolving interpersonal issues which should be dealt with between the individuals concerned whenever possible.  Serious issues may need to be taken to Camp Elders if they cannot be resolved between the individuals involved.

Appointment to Roles
Leads are chosen during “lodges” whenever a position becomes available, this is to include an element of ritual so the process is held within sacred space. Each work group is responsible for choosing someone to lead their area of work who has appropriate skills, experience and personal qualities to take on a leadership role for camps. Leads can only serve a maximum of 3 years in a Lead role at one time, with a break of at least a year before taking on another Lead role. People can be involved with more than one area of work depending on their interests, skills & availability.