Meet the Leads – Barry Patterson


Hi everyone, I am the Events Lead for White Horse Camps, chosen at the Events Lodge at Beltane Camp 2015.

I see my role as overview, planning & gentle guidance & support to Camp Co-ordinators, not as an opportunity to stamp my authority onto anything. Sometimes difficult choices must be made if more than one group of possible co-ordinators have offered a vision for a particular camp & I will always discuss any such decisions with the other camp leads.

As you may know if you have read the “Roles & Responsibilities Guidelines” none of the leads need necessarily be involved in the day to day running of camp. Events co-ordinators come forward for each individual camp: they plan & run the camp, delegating work or responsibility as & when. My view is that camps are best co-ordinated by a group of 3 people so that work & space holding can be shared & no one person becomes dominant.

I think that it is important that younger or less experienced Camp members should get some chance to stand forth, shine & develop & am interested in exploring ways that they can be supported in making a contribution to Camp Events. If you have any suggestions about this please contact me.

If you are interested in co-ordinating a camp or leading a workshop/ event please contact me at