Welcome to White Horse Camps

White Horse Camps offer you the opportunity to practice your druidry on the land within a supportive Druid community founded in the teachings of OBOD.

We hold four events a year to celebrate the fire festivals of Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh and Samhain. Each one is a unique event that weaves together ceremony, creativity, workshops, fun and laughter to provide a themed magical journey through the energy of the particular season. Some camps may be partly indoors but there is always a major part of the event under canvas & plenty of time spent out of doors. For this reason you could describe what we do as a druidic retreat upon the land. What we think of as community living is everyone pitching in & helping with daily jobs such as wood gathering, vegetable chopping & floor mopping.

Our physical bodies are housed in yurts kept warm with wood burners. (Some of these videos were made indoors at Wildways.) Here we sleep and hold our workshops and daily community meetings. In these spaces we also hold eisteddfods where the bards may entertain us with music and song, story and poetry. There is a kitchen, kids space, and Well-being – a tranquil space for healing and relaxation. We even have a shower-sauna caravan with a wood-fired hot water system.

Our close connection to OBOD means we can offer initiation into the OBOD grades on request. (You must be a member of the order first.) We also offer other initiations such as coming-of-age, handfastings and coming into eldership. At some camps there will be the chance to meet in the Groves of the three grades within OBOD: Bardic, Ovate and Druid.

White Horse Camps are open to members of the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids, their friends, and family. Like-minded people with an interest in druidry are also welcome to attend, but spaces are limited per event. Our camps are not freely open to the general public to maintain a held sacred space that allows us to work freely within the teachings of OBOD.


White horse camps are open to like minded people with an interest in drudry this includes members of OBOD and other druid orders; their families and friends. To allow us to work freely within the teachings of OBOD spaces for people new to the White Horse Camps community are limited per event and our camps are not open to the general public.

We welcome people of all nationalities, all genders, ages and sexualities.

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